Virat Kohli’s childhood coach opens up on India vs South Africa final, admits Rohit Sharma has done… | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The entire nation eagerly awaits the highly anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 final between India and South Africa, scheduled for Saturday.
As India aim to end their 11-year drought of ICC tournament titles, the country rallies behind their team, sending their best wishes and prayers for success.

Ahead of this crucial encounter, Rajkumar Sharma, the childhood coach of Indian star batter Virat Kohli and a recipient of the prestigious Dronacharya award, shared his insights and thoughts on India’s performance.

When asked about his thoughts on India reaching the finals of the T20 World Cup, Rajkumar Sharma told IANS, “It is a very happy occasion, and I sincerely hope that the ongoing drought of ICC trophies will finally come to an end. We will hopefully end the drought this time around and become world champions.”
Regarding the potential challenge posed by South Africa, Sharma exuded confidence in India’s abilities, saying, “Given the performance of the Indian team, I am fully confident that India will perform well and win this match because they haven’t lost a single match in the entire tournament. Considering the form of all our players, I am certain that India will win this final.”
Commenting on Rohit Sharma‘s captaincy and his performance, Sharma praised the Indian skipper, stating, “He has done a fantastic job as a captain. He has led from the front, and the team is expressing themselves and playing like a unit. Everybody is assigned their job, and fortunately, all the players are completing their tasks. I send my best wishes to team India and hope that we win today.”

The road to the final has been paved with challenges and triumphs, and the team’s resilience has been tested time and again. However, their unwavering focus and the support of millions of fans have pushed them forward, fueling their ambition to bring home the coveted trophy.
While South Africa present a formidable opponent, India’s confidence and form cannot be underestimated. The team’s cohesion, coupled with the individual brilliance of its players, has been a hallmark of their campaign, and they will undoubtedly leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of glory.

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