SLC denies report of drinking party inside team hotel during recent T20 World Cup | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The Sri Lankan Cricket Board vehemently denied allegations made by a media outlet regarding the conduct of its players during the recent T20 World Cup. In a statement released on Tuesday, the board labeled the report as “entirely false, fabricated, and baseless”.
The article in question, which was published in a weekend newspaper on July 7, alleged that Sri Lankan cricketers engaged in a drinking party within the confines of the team hotel prior to their match against South Africa on June 3 in New York.The Sri Lankan team suffered a six-wicket defeat in the encounter.
Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) wishes to issue the following clarification regarding an inaccurate article titled ‘Drinking Party Inside Team Hotel Before South Africa Match?’ published in a weekend newspaper on July 7th and subsequently circulated on social media.
“SLC categorically and strongly refutes the contents of the article and confirms that no such incidents, as described, have occurred. Therefore, SLC states unequivocally that the news report is entirely false, fabricated, and baseless,” the SLC said, as quoted by PTI, in a statement.
Sri Lanka’s performance at the T20 World Cup was underwhelming, as they managed to secure only a single win throughout the tournament. Their sole victory came against the Netherlands, but it was not enough to propel them further in the competition.
The island nation faced tough challenges in the group stage, suffering defeats at the hands of South Africa and Bangladesh.
“We vehemently believe that such false reporting unfairly damages the reputation of Sri Lanka Cricket, its officials, and the players,” the SLC added.
“In light of the said false allegations, Sri Lanka Cricket has requested that the respective newspaper publish a ‘Right of Reply’ to address and rectify the damage caused to Sri Lanka Cricket.”

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