‘Sirf aapke sentiments hurt huye…?’: Ahmad Shahzad slams Babar Azam – Watch | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Amidst reports that Babar Azam is preparing to take legal action against YouTubers and former cricketers who have accused him of misconduct during the T20 World Cup, another video is doing the rounds where former cricketer Ahmad Shahzad is criticising the Pakistan cricket captain for the same.
During a talk show in Pakistan Shahzad says, “Former players that he (Babar) is talking about, they should also file a case on him asking when you had a team for 5 years, where have you brought the team, to the 7th spot.Then the 25 crore fans whose sentiments also got hurt, they should also ask what results have you produced.”
Shahzad continues, “The domestic cricketers whom you didn’t select for the team, you went ahead with one group, kept on saying that this group will win you matches, but that didn’t happen, and those domestic cricketers who didn’t get a chance in the past 5 years, they should also file a case and ask questions. They should also ask Babar how you kept adjusting your friends in the team, who you turn into bowlers when they can’t bat, turn into batsmen when they can’t bowl, and when they do nothing, you adjust them by making them fielders.”
Shahzad adds, “Then you (Babar) should ask that the people who used to criticize you are now in the team, you are their captain, then your sentiments didn’t get hurt? Then the selectors who 3 months ago used to say that you don’t know captaincy, you are not captaincy material, now you are saying ‘yes yes’ to them, then your sentiments didn’t get hurt? There also you should have filed a case.”
Shahzad retorts, “After losing 3 World Cups, 2 Asia Cups, you (Babar) were made captain again after 2 months, you should have asked the question how you were made the captain? Is it only you whose sentiments are getting hurt, not of the fans? We always tell the public the truth, we don’t body shame anyone, we don’t even take wrong names, we talk only about cricket, Pakistan cricket. What have you done? You always try to find an escape route.”
“Even great players like Messi and Ronaldo, who have a huge fan following, are criticized. Even the effigies of Messi were burnt recently, shoes were hurled at their photos. But they are sportsmen, they take all this in their stride. You should also take the criticism positively, but instead you are saying you will file defamation cases against former cricketers. We were also criticized, so much that we didn’t get the third match after two bad matches. We didn’t say anything to anyone. You get paid to do well. Even the cameraman here has a job to do, even if he doesn’t do it properly, he is also answerable,” Shahzad concludes.

Babar and the Pakistan team faced intense criticism following their disappointing performance in the tournament, which saw them exit during the group stage. This criticism, which targeted Babar in particular, has left the captain disheartened.
A report had revealed that a coordinated social media campaign aimed at defaming Babar was launched during the World Cup. The PCB‘s legal department is now investigating the defamatory statements made by several YouTubers and former cricketers.
Pakistan, who were runners-up in the previous edition of the T20 World Cup, failed to advance beyond the group stage in this year’s tournament, prompting a wave of scrutiny and criticism from fans and commentators alike.

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