Rohit Sharma: ‘It’s surreal…feels like it hasn’t happened’: Rohit Sharma after India end 11-year wait for ICC title with T20 World Cup triumph | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Rohit Sharma was seen holding the T20 World Cup trophy delicately as he headed towards the beach for the traditional post-tournament captain’s photo shoot. A serene smile never left his face, and the reality of being a world champion was yet to fully register. The victory broke a jinx that lasted over a decade.
“It’s surreal. It feels like a dream.It feels like it hasn’t happened. Although it has happened, but it feels like it hasn’t happened,” Rohit shared while talking to BCCI TV, still trying to process his thoughts 24 hours later.

The coastal city of Bridgetown is currently battling a hurricane, mirroring the whirlwind of emotions the Indian captain is experiencing. Rohit’s battle, however, is to control a gamut of emotions threatening to overwhelm him like a huge sea wave.

“Last night we had a good time, we had a blast with the teammates till early morning,” he was quoted as saying by PTI, grinning before becoming a touch emotional. “I would say I didn’t sleep properly but that’s absolutely fine by me. There is a lot of time for me to go back and sleep.”

“I want to live this moment, each minute, each second that is passing by and will try to make the most of it,” he described, sharing his emotions about leading an Indian team to its first ICC title in 11 years.
“It’s been a great moment right from the time the game got over to till now. That’s the emotions and feelings you have,” said the skipper.
Rohit’s exceptional performance at the top, especially during the knockout stages, earned him a place in the team of the tournament. However, what occupies his thoughts now is a sense of joyous relief.
“We have dreamt about this for such a long period of time, we worked hard as a unit for such a long period of time and to see this (the trophy) with us, it feels quite relieved as well.”
“When you have worked hard for something and eventually at the end you get it, feels really, really nice,” the skipper reiterated.

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